Six Word Saturday

Ain’t No Golden Arch for Somalia


Art Credit: Luba Lukova

 I know we could do more.


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17 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

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  2. canadians have been generous so far.
    i haven’t…
    i gave a good amount of money last year for Haiti and Pakistan,
    but somehow, i’m not compelled to give to Somalia.
    they keep saying that it is difficult to reach those who need help over there,
    that money and resources don’t get to their intended destination…
    that’s another place in the world that would need a revolution and a change of
    its political governance…


  3. Very timely Six Words, Ron. They hurt.
    I remember when we pulled out of Somalia. Am now wondering if Iraq and/or Afganastan might end up this way. Of the famine was the last straw. I feel for the Mom’s who are trying to keep their kids alive. They are making some hard choices.

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