Six Word Saturday

Photo Credit: AP / Gene J. Puskar

May I Make A Purchase, Please?

I have nothing against gambling–or gamblers, for that matter–in general.  If you want to piss away your hard-earned paycheck on a low-probability scratch ticket, one or five or ten bucks at a clip, I figure that’s your business.  And on the odd chance that you win something, if you want to funnel those winnings right back into even more losing tickets until you have nothing to show for your efforts, who am I to interfere with that?  But could you please take a little break between binges and let someone else through before his paper porn queen gets any older and his ice cream melts?


For a good time, go see our friend Call Me Cate and post your own six word missive at: SHOW MY FACE.


18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh yes the joys of shopping….and being out amongst other shoppers!..and then throw in a clerk or two who would rather be doing something else…oh yeah…

  2. my favorite part is when they lean on the counter and say “ok, ill have 1 of those, 3 no 2 of those, seven quick picks for powerball. is it power ball tonight? no? then whatever big money game for tonight….”

    since i know alot of these offenders personally, i’m not above saying stuff like “hey sylvia, there are other people in line behind you! make it snappy!”

  3. I always will talk right through the line and say “Is there another checker here in the store?” Everyone in line looks at me and I smile and say “sorry I don’t enjoy standing in a line of 10 or more” I don’t know why checkers don’t see long lines. I don’t know why other customers seem ok with it and I don’t why the other employees never seem to notice. Then I read articles about what’s happened to customer loyalty. LOL

  4. I can honestly say that I have never been in a line of more than 4…. and they have always been speedy transactions, however, I have been a cashier at many places and some people take advantage of customer service, that is for sure!

  5. Petrol stations are what bug me, there should be one queue for people actually paying for their petrol and another for those who’ve decided that now would be a good time to do their week’s shopping.

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