Six Word Saturday

Art Credit: Carol Egbert

I’m Off To The Other Woodstock

Two hours drive southwest (almost everthything’s southwest from here) gets me to Woodstock, Vermont, site of the third annual mega literary festival called Bookstock.  There’s stuff happening all over town all day long, & I’m looking forward to cruising some of the book and exhibitor tents, and especially eager to hear readings by David Budbill, Cleopatra Mathis, Wesley McNair, and Sharon OldsHERE’S A LINK.


You probably have soemthing equally interesting to share in a six-word sorta way. Take it on over to our friend Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE.


16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. What a treat! I thought at first you meant Woodstock in the Cotswolds – a favourite stopping place of mine when we lived in the English Midlands. I hope you have a lovely time.

  2. I must admit, I have never heard of Bookstock, but you better believe I will be checking it out!!! Congrats on the fabulous journey! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  3. I’ll have mine over easy, but soft…I just had to say that…every time I read your header it comes to mind! I’m going to leave a comment for a friend of mine in Vermont who just may or may not know about this…she would love this, (I would too, but ah it’s a bit far for me to drive to) Thanks so much for mentioning this! Enjoy yourself!

  4. Wow, a book fair would be amazing. We are avid readers here. We go through tons of books. I just finished one last night. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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  6. ‘Pure bunk’ – I love your comment and thank you for your honesty. I posted a response to comments on my blog today because you weren’t the only one who didn’t totally agree with my post.

    That’s the beauty of blogging for me – the sharing of thoughts and opinions. Thanks for dropping by.

    Cheers, Fi

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