Six Word Saturday

It Was Twenty Years Ago Tomorrow


On July 3rd, 1991 I met My Beloved Sandra at The Valley House Inn in Orleans, VT.  We were both a little intoxicated at the time, but I remember the moment clearly.  Although she denies it vehemently, her first words to me were “Why so glum, chum?”  This disagreement has persisted for nearly two decades but–since she admits to having no recollection of her opening line–I figure I win by default.  The Valley House burned down 13 years ago, but my love for her burns as brightly today as it has from the very start.

I was only here in Vermont for the long 4th of July weekend, and had to catch a bus back home to Connecticut on the 6th.   Here’s a poem that I wrote on the trip:


Oh and it’s so sudden that short walk,
that busy first moment on board:
look down the aisle for a place to sit

stash the bag in the overhead
dig out the notebook and the Life Savers
locate the Walkman
and a window seat.
Look out
and the small blue car that drove you to that parting
                                   is gone             Oh
                                and it’s so suddenly

Bonus Feature:



Although we’ve never met, I’ll bet that Call Me Cate, generous mastermind of Six Word Saturday over at SHOW MY FACE runs a close second to My Beloved Sandra.

20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. 20 years – well done to both of you. You talk of her in your posts with such love that I mistakenly thought you hadn’t been together that long.

    How beautiful that your love still burns so brightly

  2. Awwww that is such a lovely tribute to you up coming anniversary. Gives the rest of us hope that there are a few “diamonds in the rough”.

    • Thanks. We do, indeed, call it our “meetiversary.” Then, in October (on the anniversary of my move to Vermont and the beginning of our cohabitation) we celebrate our “move-iversary.”

  3. Lovely! My boyfriend and I still debate over which of us approached the other. I know it was he started talking first. Haha. Have a wonderful weekend

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  5. “Why so glum, chum?” What a pickup line your wife had. Ron, I am so glad it worked and you fell for it and for her. Orleans, Vermont, huh? That must have been one of the quaint looking little towns we sas east of the freeway when we were sneaking in from Canada.
    We came in at the Richford/Abbot’s Corner enrance. Been here almost ever since. (Nor really, we still travel a lot.)
    Happy 6WS! 🙂

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