Six Word Saturday

I Loves Me My Udu Utar

There are many styles of Udu –clay/ceramic pot– drums.  You can see some of them HERE.  Mine’s an Utar, like the one above.  I’ll probably never play it as well as this guy, but sometimes, like the old song says: “I don’t wanna work / just wanna bang on my drum all day.”  Viva La Udu!


Of course, while I might slap the ol’  Udu Utar, I’d never slap around our friend Call Me Cate, who pulls all of the Six Word Saturday magic together over at SHOW MY FACE.



12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Ein – I did not know this type of instrument existed. I must lead a very sheltered life! LOL! I enjoyed the video very much and can see why you would want to play it all day! Great 6WS!

  2. while i find the design primitive in principle, the results allow a great personal creativity.
    there must be something ingrained in my cellular memory deep in my brain
    as i tend to respond quite well to these tribal sounds.
    we have something here in Montreal that might interest you,
    les dimanches tam-tams, where strangers and friends gather on the side of the mountain
    on sundays, to hang out, dance and play their instruments.

    me thinks you’d enjoy the experience.

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