Thursday Thirteen

13 Of My Favorite Coffee Scoops

I suppose I could wax loquacious about the dark brown liquid that fuels my creative Muse (Luzianne brand, dark roast, with chicory); could go on and on about how the ritual of making the morning’s first pot or knowing there’s a travel mug within easy reach on my ride to work brings some degree of sanity and order to an otherwise pointless, chaotic day….but let’s face it: I’m only in it for the scoops.

Here’s a baker’s dozen of them, each a classic, carefully culled from the hundreds upon hundreds I have in my obsessively hoarded heap collection.


(You, too, probably have a thirteen in you that wants to make itself known.  Post ’em & link ’em at: Thursday Thirteen


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Oh, I love it! Your post made me smile – big! If I had coffee scoups, I’d send them to you. I only have the one, and it gets used pretty often 😉

    Thank you!

  2. Most collections have some variety about them. Yours is a unique and homogeneous record! I’m not allowed caffeine, but every now and again I sin deliciously.

  3. Fun 13! How did you get so many of them? I love my coffee, but only have the one scoop to get it done… I have duplicates of plenty of other kitchen implements, though probably not 13 of anything…

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