Six Word Saturday

Thank You Very Much, Mr. Doppler.

It’s hard, sometimes when it’s so cloudy, to find a silver lining.  Yes, lives have been lost; but lives have been saved.


As usual, Call Me Cate invites us to show our 6-word faces at: Show My Face.

11 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Sometimes in disaster we find what we thought was gone. Compassion, empathy, strength and hope. Whilst the world has been going a little apocalyptic recently Earthquakes, Twisters, Tsunamis, Floods….. in tragedy we see unity.

  2. I have followed this on the news from Australia and was dismayed to hear of the number of lives lost. We don’t get weather extremes like this where I live and I can only begin to imagine how terrifying it must be for those living in the midst of mother natures fury.

  3. And deep in South Texas…100 degree days in May point to a long, hot, dry summer. Hmm…is there a silver lining when there are NO clouds…??

  4. Mr. Doppler has saved lives but it is always tragic when people lose their life in a storm. We have tornadoes in our area and Mr. Doppler scares me at times since we do not have a basement.

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