Six Word Saturday

Lightning Never Strikes When It Should

        It’s Thursday. He tries to think ahead as far as Saturday, tries–and fails–to think of 6 sentences, opts instead for trying to come up with just one good sentence, 6 words long.  He can’t decide if he should offer insight and advice, or if it would be wiser to pose a cogent question. He rules out writing rules to live by, decides to avoid aphorism, and settles, instead, for writing something simple and decidedly declarative.
     It’s only Thursday afternoon (and early afternoon at that) so he’s got plenty of time to mull things over. He’s on his lunch break on the slowest day of the week, and he’s hoping to hear The Muse singing before he leaves the bookstore’s café.
     But no.

That bitch keeps her lips zipped.


As usual, Call Me Cate invites us to show our 6-word faces at: Show My Face

12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    • and, as usual with these things i hit the post comment button prematurely…

      i really like the way you have used 6WS and thank-you very much for visiting my blog, i’m sure that you are not that far removed from 35! 😀

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