Six Word Saturday / NaPoWriMo Finale


Here we are on the last day of “Write-A-Poem-A-Day” April and I have managed, once again, to survive. But… 

Next April I’ll Be Sleeping In.

 Next April I’ll Be Sleeping In 

I swear to God, a year ago I swore
(I might have sworn to God for all I know)
I’d never waste another precious April
doing what I’ve done again this month.

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore;
don’t know why I bother, or why you
bother stopping by to see; I really don’t.
It’s all such a royal painful waste of time.

I’ll tell you this much, though: I hereby
swear the First of May will find me changed,
will find me resting on my April laurels and
(even next year) still in bed. I swear to God.


Big thanks to Cate at Show My Face for hosting Six Word Saturday. A Sincere standing ovation to Rob Kistner, generous mastermind behind Writer’s Island for letting us all congregate on his beach for the month; not to mention all the other poetry prompt sites (too numerous to mention here) that helped those of us who flagged find their muses.

BUT MOST OF ALL: My deep and heartfelt thanks to all those who were kind enough to spend a few minutes each day reading here, and especially for your very kind and encouraging responses to my work. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

21 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday / NaPoWriMo Finale

  1. Next April you’ll be sleeping in? – sure you will.

    A writer’s work, be it poetry or prose is never complete

    Well done for lasting the distance

    Cheers, Fi

  2. You had better not sleep in next April, Ron. It has been a delight to re-engage with you for this wonderfully crazy month. Thanks for your encouraging words, they are much appreciated 🙂


  3. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog this April, Ron! And I don’t believe you at all when you say you’ll be sleeping in NEXT April!

  4. Go ahead, sleep in if you like. Your choice and I will not beg. But, if you don’t show up next April, I will come looking for you. And you will get the tongue lashing of your entire existence. I promise! My choice, lol. And we both know I’m damned good with words. See ya,


  5. Thank you Ron. I like your nice little ditty!
    Of course it fits the writer but I don’t’ think
    that it fits you very good. At least not con-
    cerning your writing work. 🙂
    Happy 6WS! Enjoy May anyway that you like it.
    I’m taking mine sunny side up.

    Oh yes, I have read quite a few of Rob’s poems
    that he has written for One Single Impression.
    I used to be a regular there but have slowed a
    little now in posting them.

  6. I, for one (of many, so it seems), am incredibly grateful that you did not sleep through April 2011. Your words–shared here, as comments to my posts, and in emails in my inbox–have blessed ME beyond words. Thank you, Ron, for your encouragement and for your wisdom. And I look forward to much more in the days to come–INCLUDING next April! 🙂


  7. nicely written, it sounds like a fine idea, but realistically… what are your chances of succeeding into staying in bed? slim, i reckon. and if you did, we wouldn’t be able to read you, so keep on writing!!

  8. I keep coming back because your writing is worth reading and even though you might appear a bit grumpy about it all there must be a reason you keep on. I did a challenge in March and just didn’t think I could do another one this month but who knows what next month will bring or next year. Guess we will all have to wait and see when it gets here. Thank you for all of your posts and yes, I will come here again.

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