Thursday Thirteen

Yes, that’s right; it’s Thursday again.  So here, in no particular order, is a

A Baker’s Dozen Bakers

1.   Josephine Baker Dancer/Venus

2.   Mary Baker Eddy Christian Scientist

3.   Ginger Baker Drummer

4.   Ellen S. Baker –  Doctor/ Astronaut

5.   Simon Baker Actor

6.   Meredith Attwell Baker Politics

7.   Ella Baker Civil Rights Pioneer

8.  Chet Baker Musician

9.   Philip Noel-Baker Nobel Laureate

10.  Nicholson Baker Writer

11.  Robert “Bobby” Baker Shady Politics

12.  Russell Baker Essayist

13.  Kenny Baker OH MY GOD, IT’S R2-D2!

(You know you want to play along.  HERE‘S where to do it.)

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I only know of a few of those. Being an Aussie, I of course know of Simon Baker from way back when he was on Home and Away. Thanks for adding links about them, I do like to research 🙂
    Happy T13!

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