Got A Minute?

You have 1,440 minutes a day.  Use one of them to write,” says the banner at The One-Minute Writer. Even when I’m running completely dry (which, fortunately, doesn’t happen all that often), I try to do at least that much.  Even though not every prompt has motivated me, I’ve managed–since I started playing there last June–to rack up an even dozen nods as  “One-Minute Writer Of The Day/Writer Of The Week.”  I’m pretty happy about that.

Since they have to be written in a minute or less, they’re necessarily short.  Most are only 1 or 2 sentences long, so (if you’re interested) you could read through them in no time at all.  Here they are, all neatly compiled on a single page for your convenience: 12 Minutes with Ron.

In case you want to play along, you could bookmark the site  & get a minute’s worth of literary exercise daily.  It’ll do ya good, I promise.  Check it out HERE.

One thought on “Got A Minute?

  1. Hey Ron

    It’s Charon from the redroom. I have a site on here but I am not on here much at all. I should visit my site. It’s called pinkflipflop. I am going to check out the one minute writer. How cool and inspirational it looks like.

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