15 Things I Try Not To Say Out Loud

1.   Lighten up, Grim Reaper.
2.  My, the robins are fat this year.
3.  Have you always wanted to be a cop?
4.  Here’s my theory of poetry.
5.  What do you mean, ‘crazy’?
6.  Can I borrow that?
7.  You’re going to need a bigger hammer.
8.  I bet you can order it online.
9.  Try the weed killer, maybe.
10. No. Supernatural.
11.  What else could it be?
12.  Sounds good just the way it is.
13.  Yeah, well, it’s rocket science to me.
14.  Wait. I’ll make a list.
15.  Seriously, dude; lighten up.

14 responses

  1. Great concept … love your list! I’m quite sure my husband wishes I would never say “Wait. I’ll make a list,” again!

  2. I think I would have to own up to No.6 but other than that I’m with you!

  3. Very very funny. We should all make such lists and try, too.

  4. How fun! Loved your list! This was great! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Like, Derrick, I’m guilty of one (or two)…but I’m not saying which ones.
    :) Christina

  5. Great list! I love it.

  6. You could also try the killer weed. It may render all else unnecessary.

  7. The last one is one I should use to myself all the time!
    Loved the poem.

  8. Super great read. Honestly!

  9. Love it! I need to make a list, too.

    1. Ah, the delightful Ms Clark. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on this meager work.

  10. Great tone Ron. What a great way to write about the “Grim” reaper.

  11. Delightful, love the smartness of working in iconic statements and images.

  12. This is a wonderful bit of writing Ron, I could not stop smiling as I read it — I still got a stupid grin on…


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