That’s Where I’ll Be

(Special thanks to The Drifters)

This morning, well before dawn, even though I’m
waking up in the still semi-permafrosted north,
no chance of the tarred roof catching fire (no matter
how hard the sun may come beating down later)
it seems like, even this early, when it might be
least expected, I can hear it clearly: the sound
of bare feet traipsing on a boardwalk, the sound
of a happy carousel spinning in a park overhead.
And I could really go for one of their hot dogs or
maybe some french fries for breakfast. But no.
I know it’s all in my head. And besides, I don’t
have fireproof feet; all that sunshine’s bad for
what’s left of my skin. I guess I’d best just stay
right here, have my fun before the sun comes
up, avoid the carousel and boardwalk; stay put,
stay right here under this blanket with my baby.

17 thoughts on “That’s Where I’ll Be

  1. Thanks for stopping by, M. I recently encountered the word “earworm” for a song that gets stuck in your head. I’d never run across it, & I think it’s perfect. For me, “Under The Boardwalk” is one of those.

    In case you’re interested, I have written extensively about this on my blog at Red Room. You can find one entry HERE

  2. I’m not fond of the word “earworm” because of the connotation but the Drifters are quite another thing! ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ and ‘Up on the Roof’ would be my favourites.

  3. Great poem Ron. Love the lines “maybe some french fries for breakfast” (it’s so lazy, hazy, summer self-indulgent) and “besides, I don’t have fireproof feet” (that line has stuck with me since I read your poem this morning).

  4. there are waaaay worse songs to have stuck in your head. god I love those harmonies.
    there’s something strange about french fries for breakfast? some sausage gravy and a pile of pepper–fine way to begin the morning.
    love how you turned the end.

  5. I like how you constructed this poem. I can almost hear the bare feet traipsing on the Boardwalk. This was one of the happy songs of my ‘youth.’ Nice to revisit it this morning.

  6. now I want some fries…

    I’ve heard that the only way to get an earworm out of your head is to listen to the song from beginning to end; it completes the loop in your memory or something and won’t “go away” until you do.

    so I’ve heard.

  7. I find myself chasing after those ghosts of summer quite often, and my feet have the burns to prove it. This was a fun read, and thanks for adding “earworm” to my vocabulary :).

  8. A nice poem, that I enjoyed immediately reading through the first time, and then going back and rereading it. I liked the ending, how you played with being “under this blanket” while in the song it’s “on” the blanket.

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