Mister Metamorphosis

Call me Looneyman Coffeeslut.
When you find me in the morning
long before the sun comes up,
(as if it’s likely there will be sun)
when you find me at the keyboard,
half a man half asleep, call me
Fingerdreams Hopeful, call me
Resurrected Crashburn.
Yesterday I was Flabbergast
Downheart , but all my friends
(as if I’d had a friend)
loved me as I was, called me
Sameold Goodold when they
met me on the street, gave me
everything I guess they thought
a man like Hankernot Renunciation
might ever need. Still, need
followed me everywhere, hunger
dogged me secretly. Tomorrow
(as if there’s any other day)
is another day. Tomorrow
you can call me Smiley Nirvana;
tomorrow I’ll be Karmic Bailout.


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Satori : Cast Thy Bread…


Satori: a sudden flash of wisdom / enlightenment

I suddenly remembered how it works: Nobody will publish what you haven’t submitted.  Accordingly, after checking my submission-tracking system and ascertaining that I had, in fact, exactly (only) one piece currently under consideration anywhere, I selected several likely candidates, ultimately submitting a total of nine additional pieces to four poor, unsuspecting editors.

Now all I have to do is kick back, hold my breath, and try to convince myself of a beneficent universe.


Six Word Saturday

Eagerly Awaiting Linnet’s Wings, Winter Edition


I just received and approved a request from Oonah Joslin, a Writer / Contributing Editor at Linnet’s Wings, to use my poem “Outside The Inn ” as the subject of her analytical editorial in that journal’s (upcoming) winter edition.  Oonah was kind enough to send me an advance copy of the editorial, entitled “Why I Love ‘Outside The Inn’ by Ron. Lavalette” and, frankly, it totally blew me away.  Oonah is a very discerning and honest reader/editor, which makes any positive comment from her extremely valuable and gratifying to any writer that truly cares about the craft.

Don’t worry; I’ll steer you there again when the Winter Issue, containing Oonah’s editorial, is published. Meanwhile, whether you’re familiar with them or not, you won’t be disappointed to check out the current and archive issues of LINNET’S WINGS.


Life, six words at a time, from Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE


Free At Last…

Three of my poems, published in July at Clapboard House, are now freed from their exclusivity contract, allowing me to post/publish their full texts. They’re three of my favorites, and I was happy to have them published in such a fine journal.  Titles: 1) Getting It In Writing, 2) Grace, and 3) Wrong Hands.  If you missed them at Clapboard House, you can still find them THERE, or (finally!) at EGGS OVER TOKYO.